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    Mastering Book Cover Design with BookCoverly

    Flagship Masterclass - launching December 1, 2023

    EARLY SIGNUPS ARE LIMITED. Register today and save 50%! You'll meet our instructor and BookCoverly founder, Doni Waikel, who will take you through each lesson. In this fun and easy-paced course, you will learn:
    • Formatting basics for print and ebook covers
    • Cover design examples in 12 different genres
    • Getting started with BookCoverly software
    • Gathering ideas for designs that work best in your genre
    • How to find free or low-cost images for your cover that are safe to use without copyright infringement
    • How to generate images in AI
    • Best practices for designing fiction vs non-fiction book covers
    • How to properly size a print cover for front, back and spine, including the bleed area
    • Proper font pairing for each genre of books
    • Terms such as file type, image size, aspect ratios, and color modes
    • How to create a cover design from a blank canvas
    • Learn how to create a cover design from our pre-made cover templates
    • Learn how to generate an ISBN barcode instantly
    • Discover pro tips on how to make your cover stand out from the rest
    • Learn how to prepare files for digital and print
    • Know the proper specifications for platforms such as Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and B&N.
    • Fun statistics about the book publishing industry
  • Premade cover - for both ebook and full wrap

    • Includes copy customization + minor changes.
    • Detailed changes may incur an extra fee.
    Once purchased, contact us at bookcoverly@gmail.com with the following information:
    1. Cover # (This is the ID# above the cover image. Please make sure you have the correct ID)
    2. Author Name
    3. Book Title
    4. Subtitle (optional)
    5. Accolades (optional)
    6. Tagline and/or Series Title
    7. Other information or requests
    For Full Wraps (Print covers), add:
    1. Back Cover Copy
    2. Final page count or spine width (if you don't have this yet, it's fine) Fill out the form below:

    I will send a proof for your review in a few days. It may take up to 7 days (not counting weekends). Minor changes are free of charge.


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