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Back in 2007, as a book designer for publishing houses and in my own business, I realized that many indie authors didn’t have the budget for custom cover design. So, I designed a software program with a gallery of pre-made templates that would make it easy and affordable for authors to design their own beautiful paperback and e-book covers, as well as book jackets. It was a huge success!

But after several years of evolving technology and new computer systems, it was time for a big change. In 2017, I had my software completely revamped and updated, including the templates. 

Today, BookCoverly remains a worldwide favorite for savvy indie authors (and many graphic designers!) who want to maintain full control over their design.

My development team continues to maintain periodic updates to assure we are compatible with the newest systems.

Designing a cover for a printed book can be a bit unnerving for someone who isn’t artistic. It needs to look polished, professional, and enticing enough to attract readers to take action.

Unlike ebook covers, which are relatively easy to create and submit, print book covers require extra steps to ensure correct formatting and high-quality presentation.

Professional book cover designers can charge up to $1000 and more for a good paperback cover or hard cover design — which is out of range for many indie authors.

BookCoverly is designed for the DIY author with all the tools to create high-quality, publish-ready design that’s fully compatible with all publishing platforms.

  • Choose from 300 or 600-DPI resolution for sharpest quality
  • An automated spine width generator that determines the exact spine width from your page count
  • The built-in ISBN barcode creator turns your ISBN into an industry-standard, scannable barcode
  • The E-book Cover Generator easily converts print covers to digital covers with just a couple clicks

BookCoverly helps anyone, regardless of skill, create beautiful book covers. Take full control of your book’s destiny and save hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars in design.

I’m always here if you have a question. Feel free to contact me anytime!

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