What’s the difference between Personal and Commercial?

These are two different licenses. The Personal license is for your own use only, and the Commercial license allows you to create/sell covers for other people.

How do I create an e-book from a print cover?

Here’s how to convert your full (print) cover to ebook:

  1. Go to Menu > Export to E-Book,
  2. Choose your desired resolution (We suggest 72dpi) and size
  3. Select which part of the e-book you want to display
  4. Click Browse to choose the location and give it a name
  5. Click Export.

My Mac doesn’t recognize this app and won’t launch – what do I do?

You will need to right-click the icon and select Open. After that, the icon should launch fine by double-clicking.

BookCoverly is safe and clean, just not registered as an “official” Apple developer.

What does BookCoverly have that other design programs don’t?

Versatility. BookCoverly not only creates ebook covers, but also print covers for paperbacks and book jackets.

Affordability. Other design desktop apps can run into the hundreds, or thousands, and many require subscriptions that add up. BookCoverly Standard is less than $100, one-time cost, for unlimited designing.

Templates. Each template in our growing gallery is professionally designed and made exclusively for BookCoverly.

Exclusive to Covers. BookCoverly has all the right tools specifically for creating covers: books, ebooks, audiobooks, textbooks, even covers for DVD or CD cases.

BookCoverly was created for the busy indie author who wants high-quality design and control of their own cover. You can easily and confidently create a custom cover from scratch, or select one of our templates for a jumpstart to a beautiful design.

Is BookCoverly compatible with online publishers?

Yes. BookCoverly is made to work with all leading online publishers/printers.

Is BookCoverly hard to learn? I know almost nothing about design.

This program was made to be easy to learn, yet powerful to apply. Our templates were created to guide and offer a starting point to a balanced design. Our user guide provides step-by-step instructions on getting started.

What if I have questions after I purchase?

Our customer support is there for you! Just send us a contact form and someone will get back with you shortly.