Premade Covers FAQ

What does my order include?

You order includes a customized book cover design from a premade cover you select, either as an ebook or as both ebook and a full wrap cover, whichever you select.

What are the cover sizes?

The general ebook size is 1800 x 2700 (6×9″) and the full wrap (print) cover is 3900 x 2700 (13×9″), in 300 DPI resolution. These sizes can be customized to your desired size. On the full wrap, I will adjust the spine width to your final page count.

What formats are these in?

All cover files will be sent in both JPG and PDF formats.

Once I purchase a design, do I own the full rights?

When you purchase a premade cover design from our site, the full creative license transfers over to you. All cover illustrations are either created entirely by us or are a composite including royalty-free images. We apply many different design techniques to achieve final results, and 100% of the design assets are transferred to the client upon purchase, and they are free to use the design for book and promotion. Once purchased, the premade cover design is retired forever.

What if I don’t have a title for my book yet?

No worries! Purchase your cover and come back whenever you’re ready. Once you purchase a premade, it is yours exclusively forever. I retire it from the website.

Can I reserve a premade for hold?

Sorry, but I can’t hold them.

Can I have my premade in a different format?

Of course! Just let me know what you would like. Keep in mind I cannot include the native file.