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Mastering Book Cover Design with BookCoverly

Flagship Masterclass – launching December 1, 2023

EARLY SIGNUPS ARE LIMITED. Register today and save 50%!

You’ll meet our instructor and BookCoverly founder, Doni Waikel, who will take you through each lesson. In this fun and easy-paced course, you will learn:

  • Formatting basics for print and ebook covers
  • Cover design examples in 12 different genres
  • Getting started with BookCoverly software
  • Gathering ideas for designs that work best in your genre
  • How to find free or low-cost images for your cover that are safe to use without copyright infringement
  • How to generate images in AI
  • Best practices for designing fiction vs non-fiction book covers
  • How to properly size a print cover for front, back and spine, including the bleed area
  • Proper font pairing for each genre of books
  • Terms such as file type, image size, aspect ratios, and color modes
  • How to create a cover design from a blank canvas
  • Learn how to create a cover design from our pre-made cover templates
  • Learn how to generate an ISBN barcode instantly
  • Discover pro tips on how to make your cover stand out from the rest
  • Learn how to prepare files for digital and print
  • Know the proper specifications for platforms such as Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and B&N.
  • Fun statistics about the book publishing industry
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Along with this course, you’ll have opportunities to create your own book covers using our proven techniques, and, have your work professionally critiqued by Doni!

Receive our Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

The nice thing about this course is, you work at your own pace. Once purchased, it’s yours to keep forever!

When you pre-register for our course, you’ll immediately receive:

  • A link to download your own fully-licensed copy of BookCoverly (commercial license)
  • Access to our cover templates library of 80+ fully-editable templates
  • 50 more, never-before sold premade templates
  • A Bonus PDF: How to make money as a Book Cover Specialist with BookCoverly

We’ll notify you by email when course is complete. You will be able to access it through a private link provided to you.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.

Hello! I’m Doni Waikel, professional graphic artist and founder of BookCoverly ( Since 1999, I’ve designed and edited over 900 book covers and book interiors for both publishing houses and independent authors. Back in 2006, I collaborated with a development team to create my vision for an easy to use software program that would allow anyone, regardless of skill, to create their own beautiful book covers. Since then, with many updates along the way, BookCoverly has grown into one of the leading book cover design programs serving thousands of self-publishers worldwide. I am honored to help authors succeed in their book writing endeavors!

In this course, I explain step-by-step how to easily create high-quality, publish-ready book covers using BookCoverly software, along with best design practices and other helpful resources (including some of my own trade secrets!). Included along with this course is a free personal use copy of BookCoverly, immediate access to our professional cover design templates library, and 50 new, never-before sold premade templates. No other purchases or subscriptions are necessary. Discover how easy and fun it is to craft a stunning book cover you’ll be proud of!


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