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Become an Affiliate and earn 50% on each sale through your link or site! FREE to join.

How To Design A Successful Book Cover: Just Be Yourself

The Key to A Successful Book Cover? Just Be Yourself

The internet has brought about a freedom of expression never before realized. in this widespread movement, authors are given full advantage of a high podium on which to let the essence of their books shine through.

On this progressive, yet brutal platform of self-publishing comes an equally regressive adaptation that relays Herbert Spencer’s (or Darwin’s, still debatable) “survival of the fittest”: A process of natural selection that drives an evolution of change.

Traditional book covers are competing with the more unconventional, “rebel” designs that are coming en vogue: People crave the unique and strange. And today, book covers that defy the “rules” are the new rebels of publishing that win the reader. People generally appreciate the new trend of complete transparency, and seeing this raw personality of a book come through its cover is a powerful way to connect and brand.

Many indie authors are realizing they can make that personal connection by designing their own covers. I mean, who else knows your personality better than yourself?



The new rule seems to be: it’s not a matter of how polished and pristine the design is—but how well it conveys the distinct characteristics of the book itself.

This has removed some of the DIY fears a lot of self-published authors face and has leveled the playing field by bringing about a new freedom of expression—no matter how experienced or inexperienced in design.

To beautiful, rebel covers!

 xo, Angie

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