Sometimes you just need someone experienced at creating beautiful covers that SELL to handle the design – so you can focus on what you do best – writing.
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Angie Donelle
Book Designer & Author Consultant

I have a passion for designing covers that sell books.

As a professional book cover designer since 1999, I’ve worked with hundreds of talented indie authors. My goal is creating a cover that instantly says, "This is an amazing book. Buy me."

Your book deserves a spectacular cover. I'll handle all the design work so you can concentrate on writing your best-seller. AND, you will receive all original files in either BookCoverly or Photoshop format, so you can easily make future edits. Your satisfaction is my top priority!

“Professional, Timesaver, Attention-Getting”

“I’m really impressed that Angie can take my one-page synopsis of each book and turn it into a cover that reflects the entire book. I could keep going on about all the things I appreciate with Angie….she sends me an idea, I give her feedback, she does the first draft—if that’s what it’s called in graphics design—and then we clean it up together. Done. No drama, no millions of emails, none of that.

If you’re an indie author and you’re humming and hawing at paying for someone to do your graphics work for you, think of it this way: Angie saves me about twenty hours with each project. That’s the first draft of the next book, work I can bring in for my freelancing business, some time off…three times a year. More if I expand to more books. I know I found the right graphics designer.”

—Lori Wolf-Heffner, Author

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My 100% Stress-Free Service Includes:

  • Initial phone or email consultation to clarify direction
  • Book cover designed in either BookCoverly or Photoshop – your choice
  • 1-3 cover concepts
  • Formal design from concept
  • Up to 5 rounds of modifications
  • Finalization and high-res output
  • Correct formatting for print and/or distribution
  • Hand-holding throughout publishing process
  • 3D image of your cover
  • All original work and design rights transferred to you
  • Lifetime copy of BookCoverly
  • 25% off your next cover project
  • 10% in cash for referring another client

Print Cover: $795

  • Add Flaps for Book Jacket: $99
  • Add E-book Cover: $99

E-Book Cover: $395

  • Discount for book series
  • Custom illustrations extra

Non-profit discounts available – just ask!

“She Knows Her Stuff”

“In 2017 I started working with Angie for both the exterior and interior design of my book series. She knows her stuff. Since she took over the design, my sales have tripled. I’ll be working with her again for my next two books. She’s a wonderful find.”

Ronald M. James, Author

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